DTSF8888 Three-phase electronic multi-rate watt-hour meter


▷Product Overview
DF8888 / TTS8888-phase electronic multi-rate power meter can accurately measure active forward and reverse, with a maximum demand of active recording function, voltage, current, power and other electrical parameters in real-time measurement and processing, with sharing control , automatic meter reading, the current operating status recording power and demand data storage, power meter, the event data recording function, is to achieve energy hourly metering and accounting work over smart meter. Meter using a large-screen LCD, with far-infrared, RS485 and other communication interfaces. The instrument for the introduction of advanced low-power LSI technology and SMT manufacturing process of high-tech products, key components selected international brands of long-life components, improved product reliability and lifespan, this product meets the GB / T 17215-2002 1 and 2 static AC active energy meter, GB / T 15284-2002 tariff applications special requirements, JJG596-1999 electronic energy meter verification procedures, DL / T 614-1997 multi-function meter , DL / T 645-1997 multifunction energy meter communication protocol, “Zhejiang three-phase electronic (time) meter technical conditions (trial)”, “meter communication protocol conditions Zhejiang three-phase electronic (time) (trial) “(V3.0).
● Rate of four (tip, peak, flat, valley), twelve hours, the minimum period of time interval of 5 minutes;
● Storage including this month, including 12 months of each tariff energy data;
● Electrical isolation using advanced energy metering chip, high-performance CPU and RTC clock chips;
● Record the current total active power consumption and various rates, and save the data;
● High-precision, high reliability, strong overload capacity, low power consumption, light weight;
● Auto cumulative record battery life;
● Rotator current time, rates, total electricity consumption and various rates;
● Demand reset times and last time cleared;
● Communication protocol in line with DL / T645-1997;
● RS485 baud rate can be set from 300 to 9600;
● A pulse output port, pulse width 80ms ± 20ms;
● There are write data using a password and programming switch two levels of protection, automatically record the last programmed time and frequency;
● You can set the table number, office number, time, rates, date, time, automatic meter reading, passwords, entry and starting power cycle;
● By jogging round table covered with significant power button to view the user-selected parameters;
● With a maximum demand measurement functions.
▷The main technical parameter

Rated current 3×1.5(6)A、3×5(20)A、3×10(40)A、3×15(60)A、3×20(80)A、3×30(100)A
Rated voltage Phase four-wire 3 × 220V / 380V 、3 × 57.7V / 100V
Phase three-wire 3 × 100V 、3 × 380V
Rated frequency 50Hz、60Hz
Accuracy class 1、 2
Clock error ≤0.5 seconds / day (reference temperature); ≤1.0 seconds / day (back-up lithium battery operation)
battery Import environmentally friendly lithium battery
Voltage 3.0、3.6V
capacity ≥1000mAh

◈Overall and installation dimension