DTZY8888-G Phase four-wire control smart meter charge (GPRS wireless State Grid Table)


▷Product Overview
DTZY8888-G-phase charge-controlled intelligent energy meter is the use of large scale integrated circuits, a new generation of network remote fee-based embedded hardware and software development platform specifically designed to control smart meter. Using microelectronic technology, computer chip technology, modern communications technology, today’s most advanced technology to support GPRS / GSM / CDMA and other public wireless communication network technology.With the power load management systems with the use of the master, which enables remote meter reading, load control, data forwarding, abnormal alarm functions. Application of digital sampling technology and SMT technology, widely applicable to large customer electricity service site, is a network-based smart meter power marketing automation system has high practical value.
The table performance indicators in line with GB / T 17215.321-2008 “AC measuring equipment – Specific requirements – Part 21: 1 and 2 static active energy meter”, GB / T17215.322-2008 “AC measuring equipment – Specific requirements – Part 22: 0.2S and 0.5S grade level static active energy meter “, GB / T17215.323-2008” AC measuring equipment – Specific requirements – Part 23: 2 and 3 static reactive energy “and DL / T 614-2007 “Multi-meter” standard, the communication line with DL / T645-2007 “multi-function meter communication protocol” requirement, and is compatible with the requirements of “multi-table communication protocol” DL / T645-1997, can be customized according to function in line with demand the technical requirements for multifunctional energy meter.Its remote communication protocol in line with Q / GDW 376.1-2009 “power user information collection system communication protocols: master and collection terminal communications protocol” and other requirements; safety and integrity of the sale of electricity and energy meter system master data exchange by strict safety certification for security, safety certification involving data structures and operating procedures comply with the technical requirements of Q / GDW 365-2009 “smart meter information exchange security certification specifications” for fee control meter.
●High-speed full-duplex communication channel industrial-grade GPRS / GSM / CDMA module that supports TCP / UDP / SMS wireless network communication mode;
● Wireless communication module using a modular design, support with electric plug. After the communication module replacement without any manual settings, can automatically identify the type of wireless MODEM and automatic on-line;
● Built-in high speed and precision ac voltage and current acquisition module, high sampling accuracy, accurate real-time energy metering;
● Can hourly metering combined active power, positive and negative active energy and demand, the combination of reactive power, four-quadrant reactive power, and has 485, infrared communications and other functions;
● Embedded highly confidential ESAM module for secure authentication process between the meter and the system master to ensure the master station and system security and integrity of data interaction;
● Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, can withstand high voltage spikes, strong magnetic field, strong static electricity, lightning surge interference, and has a strong temperature adaptability;
● Three-phase power supply (ie line-powered mode), the three-phase three-wire in any one phase or three-phase four-wire in any two-phase power, power meter can still work;
● In case of loss of AC power, the meter data to maintain and sustain a clock chip work;
● Support local / remote software online upgrade, confined to the wireless communication module, does not affect the meter metering;
● Low power consumption.
▷The main technical parameter

Rated voltage (V) Phase four-wire 3×220V/380V、3×57.7V/100V
Three-phase three-wire 3×100V、3×380V
Rated current In (A) 3×0.3(1.2)、3×0.5(2)、3×1(2)、3×1(6)、3×1.5(6)、3×1.5(9)、3×3(6)、
Active pulse constant (imp / kWh) 30000、20000、6400、4000、1200、800、600、400、320、240
Reactive pulse constant (imp / kvarh) 30000、20000、6400、4000、1200、800、600、400、320、240

◈Overall and installation dimension