DTS(X)8888 Three-phase active and reactive energy meter combination (LCD)


▷Product Overview
Three-phase electronic combination of active and reactive energy meter with high accuracy and reliability. This product uses the international advanced low-power LSI technology and SMT technology, the key components selected international brands, long-life components, improved product reliability and service life.It can accurately measure the rated frequency 50Hz three-phase grid active power and reactive power, can replace two ordinary three-phase energy meter.Reactive power measurement using a 90 degree phase shift measurement methods, counters and inductive reactive and capacitive reactive power, using the word wheel counters and measure active power, reactive power, intuitive readings and easy to use.Product standards in line with GB / T17215.321-2008, GB / T17215.323-2008 Three-phase electronic energy meter all the technical requirements.
● Bi-directional power measurements and counting, anti-theft, high-precision, high reliability, high overload, low power consumption, light weight;
● Three-phase active energy metering, long-term work without adjustment;
● Three-phase power supply line (three-phase three-wire power cord in any line Table III) or two-wire (three-phase four-wire meter four-wire in any two-wire) power, measurement accuracy is not affected;
● Wide operating temperature range;
● Test signal having a power output;
● Liquid crystal display show the active and reactive power.
● Having a far-infrared and 485 communication functions, in line DL / T 645-1997 or DL / T 645-2007.
▷The main technical parameter

Rated current 3×1.5(6)A、3×5(20)A、3×10(40)A、3×15(60)A、3×20(80)A、3×30(100)A
Rated voltage Phase four-wire 3×220V/380V、3×57.7V/100V
Three-phase three-wire 3×100V、3×380V
Rated frequency 50Hz、60Hz
Accuracy class 1.0 Active and reactive power 2.0

◈Overall and installation dimension