DTS8888 Three phase four-wire electronic energy meter LCD (with IR 485)


▷Product Overview
This three-phase electronic type active watt-hour meter adopts advanced microelectronics technique and SMT manufacturing technology. Its performance conforms to IEC 62053-21 standard. The three-phase electronic type active electric energy meter owns many functions as active forward direction、reverse electric quantity respectively metering or active forward reverse power accumulation metering、infrared and RS485 interface communicating etc,with characteristics of LCD displaying means、HHU for setting power consumption data and reading serial number,so this product is ideal measuring device for inhabitant power uti l ization charging ,Besides ,it also owns many advantages as high metering precision、high sensitivity、rel iable performance、wide load、low power consumption、smal l volume、l ight weight、simply operating and easy for instal lation etc.
● Owning forward and reverse direction metering function, besides, it can accumulate electric quantity in one same direction ,that is, calculating reverse energy electro into forward direction.
●The nic meter adopts seven-digit displaying, of which there are five integer- place and two decimal-place; whi le also can be six integer-place and one decimal-place; The unit is ki lowatt-hour, making record of accumulated total electric power consumption.
● The electric energy meter is communicated with external equipments, the communication indicator lamp would be brightened, which stands for that the electric energy meter stays at communication state.
●Own passive isolated type electric energy impulse output terminal, the impulse output is square wave, and the impulse width is not smal ler than 80ms±20%.
● Data programming(RS485 or infrared programming、 setting and meter reading)also can set meter number (Address)of electric meter.Starting count of active electric energy and cipher etc.
▷The main technical parameter

 Rated current  3×1.5(6)A、3×5(20)A、3×10(40)A、3×15(60)A、3×20(80)A、3×30(100)A
 Rated voltage  Three-phase four-wire 3×220V/380V or 3×57.7V/100V
 Three-phase three-wire 3×100V or 3×380V
 Rated frequency  50Hz、60Hz
 Accuracy class  class 1.0、class 2.0
 Communication  RS485

◈Overall and installation dimension