DTS888 Three-phase rai l counters and meter


▷Product Overview
The three-phase electronic active energy meter is a new product introduced by my company, which uses advanced digital circuit dedicated bi-directional energy metering chip and SMT manufacturing process. It features bi-directional power measurement and counting, anti-tamper, high accuracy, high rel iabi l ity, high overload, low power consumption, light weight and low cost, etc.
The product meets the IEC 62053-21,IEC 62052-11 standard for electronic energy meter of the relevant technical requirements.
● measuring three-phase active energy, long-term work without adjustments;
● three-phase power supply l ine (three-phase three-wire watt-hour meter in either three-wire l ine) or two l ines (three-phase four-wire watt-hour meter in either two-wire four-wire) power outages, measurement accuracy is not affected;
● wide operating temperature range;
● with broken functional ity or voltage relative to instruction indicator function;
● with the reverse direction feature: When the current is reversed, reverse indicator l ight.
▷The main technical parameter

 Rated curren  3×1.5(6)A、3×5(20)A、3×10(40)A、3×15(60)A、3×20(80)A、3×30(100)A
 Rated voltage  3 × 100V three-phase three-wire or 3 × 380V
 Three-phase four-wire 3 × 220/380V, or 3 × 57.7/100V
 Rated frequency  50Hz、60Hz
 Accuracy class  class 1.0、class 2.0

◈Overall and installation dimension