DTS8888 Three-phase four-wire electronic active energy meter


▷Product Overview
The three-phase electronic active energy meter is the use of advanced microelectronic technology and SMT manufacturing process of the product, the product for rated frequency 50Hz (rated frequency also produces 60Hz) three-phase AC active energy metering. The meter has infrared and RS-485 port communication function, LCD display, available in handheld meter-reading machine settings and copy Receive electricity. It is to achieve residential electricity billing ideal measuring instruments, but also with high accuracy, high sensitivity, reliable performance, wide load, low power consumption, small size, light weight, simple operation, easy installation and so on.
The product meets the GB / T17215.321-2008 standard technical requirements for three-phase electronic energy meter, communication line with DL / T 645-1997 communication protocol.
● Have positive and negative sides to measurement functions, namely reverse energy positive measure.
● Power display using 7 LCD display, where 6 integer bits, two decimal places; it can be 7-bit integer, a decimal place; the unit is kwh, recording cumulative total active power consumption.
● When the meter and the external device communication, the communication indicator light that meter is in the communication state.
● Isolated with a passive electrical energy pulse output port, pulse output is a square wave pulse width of not less than 80ms ± 20%.
● IR set the table number, Collecting power, set a password, power cleared.
▷The main technical parameter

Accuracy class class 1.0 2 0
Voltage specification 3×220V/380V
Current specifications 3×1.5(6)A、3×3(6)A、3×5(20)A、3×10(60)A、3×20(80)A、3×30(100)A
Constant 1600imp/kWh、400imp/kWh
 Rated Frequency  50Hz

◈Overall and installation dimension