DTS8888 Three-phase four wire altive energy meter (Register)


▷Product Overview
This electronic energy meter adopts advanced software design, It is used for measuring rated frequency 60Hz(o 50Hz) and rated voltage 3X127/220V,It adopts exclusive LSI and SMT manufacturing technology to make sure correct measure and rel iable performance. It is complying with the standard of IEC62053-21,IEC 62052-11.
It’s suitable for residents on the large demand of electricity in the market. It can measure the consumption of three phase four wire, At the same time it breakthrough measurement technology improve the meter work uti l ity, with the characteristics of low starting power and low power consumption. There are more advantages than formal electromechanical meters.
● High rel iabi l ity, simple structure and easy instal lation, high measurement accuracy.
● Low power consumption and staring power.
● Using 5 integer register shows power, easy to read.
● Phase loss indication, When phase power loss, the l ight of indication turns on.
● Has power pulse output port, Pulse output for square wave, Pulse width for 80ms.

▷The main technical parameter

 Rated Current  5(100)A、10(100)A
 Rated voltage  3×120/208V、3×127/220V
 Rated frequency  50Hz、60Hz
 Accuracy class  class 1.0
 Form  10A、16A

Overall and installation dimension