LTAM12 Single-phase energy meter socket


Type LTAM12 single phase electronic energy meter circle using the latest technology of manufacturing, with smal l size, l ight weight, long service l ife, used to measure the rated frequency 60Hz, the rated voltage 240V single-phase AC active electric energy, the use of dedicated large-scale integrated circuits, in order to ensure the accuracy and rel iabi l ity of measurement using LCD display power consumption, table covers the use of flame-retardant Polycarbosi lane production, phenol ic base using high-qual ity plastic mold making, with double insulation, IP54 protection against dust, water etc. .
The design of the power meter to meet the broad needs of the market, it is a breakthrough in measurement technology changes and improves the efficiency of the energy meter, and has Anti-Electric Larceny infrared communications, low power consumption characteristics, the user can, through infrared l ight electric energy meter communication port for setting parameters or download the recorded data, with the former compared to the Electrical Energy Meter with more advantages.the products comply with ANSIC12.10 and IEC62053-21, IEC 62052-11 standards of the relevant provisions of 1.0 Energy Measurement requirements.
● high rel iabi l ity, simple structure, high accuracy measurement;
● low-power consumption, power consumption does not pass power meter;
● Low start-up power;
● anti-tampering design to minimize the extent of Electric tamper, when the reverse can be an accurate record of hours of electricity consumption;
● measurement using dual-loop design, with Anti-tamper function;
● with real-time display and power-power directional;
● tamper with l ight;
●with the infrared communication port, can be set up table, to read, such as electricity to operate;
● 5+1 large easy-to-read l iquid crystal display, the smal lest error reading.
▷The main technical parameter

 Application standard  ANSIC12.10, IEC62053
 Accuracy  class 1.0 、class 0.5
 Form  1S、2S
 Current  class100 、class100
 Rated voltage  120 VAC、240 VAC
 Limit Voltage  0.87Vn to 1.2Vn
 Frequency  60Hz
 Operating temperature range  -25℃~60℃
 Storing temperature range  -30 ~80 ℃ ℃
 Current Circuit  <0.3VA
 Voltage Circuit  <0.8W/3.5VA
 Insulation strength  4kV 50Hz 1 minute
 Striking potential  6kV 1.2/50us
 Short-circuit current  30Imax
 Pulse experiment  4kV (IEC801 4)

Overall and installation dimension