LT-K96A1 Digital display current meter



1. Summary
The product is designed with single-chip and become the latest products, with the following characteristics:
1、Positive four digit display, 0-9999
2、High AD conversion, high precision。
3、Single chip design, strong anti-interference performance
4、With a number of menu programming, flexible operation
5、Range accuracy, reliable performance
6、Function expansion is convenient, it can expand the alarm output port and the programmable unit。
2. General technical index
1、Working power supply: AC220V + 10% 50/60HZ
2、Power consumption: <1.5W
3、Accuracy: RMS measurement 0.5%
4、work environment:-10℃-50℃
5、Storage environment:-20℃-75℃
6、insulation:more than 5MΩ
3. Programming instructions (only for programmable alarm units)

4. Transportation and storage
Products in the transport and unsealing should not be subject to severe shock, and according to the GB/15464-1995< instrumentation packaging general technical conditions > provisions of transport and storage. Inventory and storage should under the conditions of the original packaging and store on the bracket stack height should not be more than 5 layers. The kept place should be clean, the environment temperature should be -10~40 ℃, the relative humidity is not more than 93% and there is no corrosion of harmful substances in the air.
5. Warranty period
After the meter left the factory, The users comply with the specification requirements, and the seal is complete, if it is found that the instrument is not in conformity with the technical conditions are prescribed requirements, the company gives one year repair.

6. Product appearance and installation dimensions

7. Instrument wiring diagram

Note: this wiring diagram is only for reference, Please adhere to the original products in case of any mistake