DSS8888 Two-phase three-wire electronic energy meter


▷Product Overview
The DSS8888 two phase electronic type active energy meter adopts advanced microelectronics technique and SMT manufacturing technology, with smal l volume, l ight weight, long l ifetime etc. This product is used for measuring two-phase three wire AC active energy whose rated voltage is 127/220V with rated frequency 50/60Hz.The meter adopts exclusive use LSI, for sure the accuracy of measuring and rel iabi l ity, with characteristics of LCD displaying means, resistant polycarbonate cover and base adopts the high qual ity of phenol ic molding compounds produced, it has double insulation , Dustproof and waterproof in IP54.
The performance comforms with Standard of IEC62052-11,IEC62053-21, accuracy class 1.0 electric energy measurement requirements.
The DSS8888 two phase electronic type active energy meter widely meets the demands of the residents energy meter market in the designing. It can measure the energy consumption of two phase three wire . At the same time it breakthrough the meter as measurement technology improve work effectiveness, have the characteristics of low starting power and low power consumption, Compared with the previous electromechanical watt-hour meter has more advantages.

●With the characteristic of high rel iabi l ity, simple structure, easy instal lation and high accuracy of measuring, etc.
● Low consumption ,power consumption is not measured by energy meter.
● Low starting power.
●Anti-tampering design, steal ing electricity was reduced to a minimum. Reverse power sti l l can correct record.
● With real-time display and electricity power direction indicator.
● Using five big l iquid crystal display is easy to read, minimum reading error.
● Owning forward and reverse direction metering function,Besides, it can accumulate electric quantity in one same direction, that is calculating reverse electric quantity into forward direction.
● Assuming function off defect phase indication.
●Own passive isolated type electric energy impulse output terminal, the impulse output is square wave, and the impulse width is 80ms.
●With transparent cover, resistant ABS material base, bakel ite wiring terminal box, Dustproof and waterproof in IP54.

▷The main technical parameter

 Rated Current  2×1.5(6)A、2×5(60)A 2×5(100)A 2×10(100)A
 Rated voltage  2×120/208V、2×127/220V
 Rated frequency  50Hz、60Hz
 Accuracy class  class 1.0、 class 2.0
 Form  13A、35A

◈Overall and installation dimension