DSS8888 Two phase three wire electronic energy meter


1.Product Brief Introduction
This electronic energy meter adopts advanced software designer, small volume, light weight and long life. It is used for measuring rated frequency 60Hz and rated voltage 127/220V two phase three wire AC energy meter. It adopts exclusive LSI and SMT manufacturing technology to make sure of correct measure and reliable performance. It is comply with the standard of IEC 62053-21,IEC62052-11.
It is suitable for residents on the large demand of electricity in the market. It can measure the consumption of two phase three wire, At the same time it breakthrough measurement technology improve the meter work utility, with the characteristics of low starting power and low power consumption. There are more advantages than the formal electromechanical meters.
2. The working principle
Figure 1, The voltage signals which get from voltage circuit and current signals which get from current circuit delivery launch to electricity application-specific integrated circuit. In this circuits, they get together to LSI, after the output process of the internal and impulse signals of input power rate ratio, they enter into the register and realize the electricity measurement. The energy meter can test impulse output.

3  Function and Features
high reliability, simple structure and easy installation, high measurement accuracy ;
low power consumption and starting power;
using 5 integer register shows a power, easy to read
Phase loss indication function. When phase power loss, the light of indication turns on.
has power pulse output port, pulse output for square wave, pulse width for 80 ms
4 Specification and Technical Data
4.1 Specification



Accuracy class






4.2 Main Technical Data
Accuracy class: 1.0
Voltage range:0.8Un~1.2Un;
Current circuit consumption:<0.3VA;
Voltage circuit consumption <1.6W/3.5VA;
Insulation strength :4kV /1m;
Impulse voltage:6kV 1.2/50us
Short-circuit current:30Imax
Conditions: work temperature:-10℃~+45℃
Limit working temperature:-25℃~+55℃
Year average relative temperature≤75%
dimension : 174mm×125mm×73.mm
Weight: about 0.9kg
4.3 Start
Energy meter in rated voltage ,rated frequency and power factor is 1.0, when load current is 0.4% of rated current, energy impulse output indicator is still indicating and there is energy impulse output.
4.4 Creeping
When impulse 115% of rated voltage,、current return circuit and cut off, it doesn’t make one electric energy impulse.

5 Meter wiring
Electric wiring diagram shown below in Figure 2:

6 Installation and use
6.1 The bottom and cover of the meter adopt Resistance burning ABS, below cover adopts transparent pc material .it has double insulation which according with IP54 dustproof, waterproof 5)

6.2 The energy meter inspects qualified and be sealed before leave factory .you can use it after the installation. if it is not sealed or storage for a long time, you should ask some relevant department to inspect it well, to be ensure the measurement precision then install and use it.
6.3 Energy meter shall be installed indoor which is dry and well-ventilated places. The floor of installation should fixed in a strong refractory walls. we suggest installing it higher than 1.8m or install it in Dedicated power distribution box. The installation dimension as below Figure 6.

6.4 The connection diagram of energy meter should be according to the wiring of terminal box. It’s better to use copper fittings to bring into. It avoids copper fittings in the terminal box burned due to bad contact .
6.5 Using the energy meter in the place where has more thunderstorms and rain, you should take actions to avoid the energy burned by the lightning.

7 Transportation and storage
7.1 Transportation and storage environment
Temperature range: -25℃— +75℃
Year average relative humidity :≤75%
There shouldn’t have corrosive smell in the air.
7.2 Transportation
The energy meter should not be shocked while transportation and unpacking, “Up” according to the packing , not more than 5 layer of the put height
8 Warranty and service
From the date of leaving the factory. The user follows the requirements of instructions and use it correctly ,under the condition of the seal is well, if you discover the energy meter does not meet the technical specified requirements, we give you thirty six months for warranty
9 Additional comments
The information which in this article can help the professional person to operate , it doesn’t replace the service of training which includes installation and remove meter. Pay attention to the electric shock risk of any operation. It is necessary to have qualification of industrial electrical and measurement of the experts to finish all the work, According to the local safe operation and the description scope of the manual when operation.