DDS8888 Single-phase two-wire electronic energy meter (LCD)


This Single phase electronic energy meter adopts advanced microelectronic technique and SMT manufacturing technology. It is used for measuring single phase AC active electronic energy whose rated frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz.This meter adopts LCD display and it is an ideal metering device for inhabitant power utilization charging. Besides, it also owns many advantages such as high metering precision, high sensitivity, reliable performance, wide loading, low power consumption, small volume, light weight, simply operating and easy for installation etc. It is complying with the standard of IEC 62053-21,IEC 62052-11.
● It has positive and negative sides measureing function which is reverse energy measured positive.
● Digits can be 6 on LCD.
● When there is reverse on meter, The correspond LED will be ON.
● It has insulation and isolation electrical energy pulse output port, Pulse output is square wave ,pulse width is not less than 80ms±20%.
▷The main technical parameter

 Accuracy class  class 1.0 2 0
 Rated voltage  110V、120V、230V、240V
 Current  5(60)A、10(100)A、5(100)A
 Constant  800mp/kWh、3200mp/kWh
 Rated Frequency  60Hz

Overall and installation dimension