DDS8888 Single-phase two-wire electronic energy meter


This electronic energy meter adopts dedication meterage chip ADE7755 designing, with high precision, good l inearity, wide voltage working range and high rel iabi l ity, low consumption, wide loading etc. It is suitable for single –phase AC active energy meter with nominal voltage 120V, rated frequency 60Hz.
The performance is conformity with the IEC standard of 62053-21,IEC 62052- 11.
●This electronic energy meter adopts exclusive use LSI and advanced SMT surface fixing technique, simple structure and few periphery components, high rel iabi l ity, do not need cal ibrate for long-term operation.
●With greatly improved dynamic working range of meter, making 10 multiple actual overload.
●With reverse direction metering function, when meter happens reverse current, the l ight of reverse direction wi l l be turn on, if remove the reverse, the l ight wi l l be turn off.
▷The main technical parameter

 Accuracy class  class 1.0、class 2.0
 Rated voltage  110V、120V、230V、240V
 Current  5(60)A、10(100)A、5(100)A
 Constant  800mp/kWh、3200mp/kWh
 Rated Frequency  60Hz