DDS-DG12 Single-phase electronic energy meter


▷Product Overview
The energy meter adopts the advanced LSI ADE7755, with high accuracy, Good l inearity, wide working voltage range and high rel iabi l ity, low power consumption, wide load etc. Suitable for rated voltage 220V, rated frequency 50Hz(Optional 60Hz) Measure single phase active energy of AC.
It is complying with the requirement of single phase energy meter of IEC62053-21, IEC62052-11 Standard.

●The energy meter adopts advanced SMT technology and large scale integrated circuit. Simple circuit of outside. Less components, high rel iabi l ity, no need to adjust after long time use. Using manganese copper shut to sample on current circuit(High precision current transformer). Not only reduce the power consumption, but also improve the overload. The actual overload capacity of the energy meter is more than 6 times of basic current. Simple structure, convenient instal lation, And also it has creeping logic design.

▷The main technical parameter

 Basic current  1.5(6)A、2.5(10)A、5(30)A
 Accuracy class  class 1.0、class 2.0
 Rated voltage  220V
 Rated frequency  50Hz
 Starting current  1.0 Active 0.002In (mutual inductance), 0.004Ib (Direct)
2.0 Active 0.003In (mutual inductance), 0.005Ib (Direct)
 Voltage circuit power consumption  ≤2W
 Current circuit power consumption  ≤4.0VA 1.0 Level ≤2.5VA 2.0 Level

◈Overall and installation dimension