DDS8888 Single-phase energy meter din rai l LCD


The single-phase electronic energy meter used advanced microelectronic technology and SMT manufacturing process of products, the products are used in rated frequency 50Hz (optional 60Hz) single-phase AC active energy measurement. The LCD display used in the table. With the measurement of high precision, high sensitivity, rel iable performance, load width, low power consumption, smal l size, light weight, simple operation, easy to instal l and so on.
The products meet the IEC 62053-21,IEC 62052-11 standard for electronic energy meter of the relevant technical requirements.
● Has a positive and negative sides to the measurement function, and the accumulated energy in the same direction, that is included in the reverse power forward.
●Power display with 7 digits, in which five integer digits, two decimal places; it can be six integer digits, one decimal place; unit kWh, recording cumulative total active power consumption .
● When the power meter device communicate with the outside world by the communication indicator l ight, said the state energy meter in communication.
● Has the passive-isolated pulse output energy, pulse-output square wave, pulse width of not less than 80ms ± 20%.
● Parametric programming (RS485 or infrared programming, setting, meter reading) can be set to meter the table number (address), active energy start reading passwords.
● With a reverse direction feature: When the current is reversed, reverse indicator l ight.
▷The main technical parameter

 Rated Current  5(20)A、5(30)A、10(40)A、15(60)A、15(100)A
 Rated voltage  220V、230V
 Rated frequency  50Hz、60Hz
 Accuracy Class  Class 1.0、Class 2.0
 Communication  RS485

Overall and installation dimension